Kejriwal brand of simplicity and why it’s gonna stay

The social media is filled with discussions on the open letter written by an Engineer critisizing Arvind Kejriwal for apparantly not wearing Shoes during his meeting with the French President and Kejriwal’s reply to the letter. While one side is accusing Kejriwal for spoiling image of the Country, the other side is invoking Mahatma Gandhi. Kejriwal’s reply is nothing but a terrible attempt to project himself as the only leader who can take on Modi. For that he even alleges Modi of Insulting National symbols while conveniently forgetting he didn’t even salute the National Flag during his first term. The interesting questions will be, is he a man of simple life style as his supporters claim? Or untidiness and simple dressing are the same thing? At least answers to these questions are pretty simple. Like any socialist hypocrat, Arvind Kejriwal has no problem in enjoying the laxurious life style while preaching simplicity to others. One of the first thing he did when came in to power was to ask for 4 BHK duplex house for himself and his right hand man. When he is in Bangalore, he has no problem with taking VIP lane or the “lal batti culture”. With recent self appriasal, he is one of India’s highest paid politicians. His simplicity is mainly for cameras. It’s a well thought out marketing strategy like the “100% real fruit juices” you see in super markets. He will make sure that his simplicity is noticed wherever he go. For that, he will go to any extend, will wear a socks with chappal or a mufler and faded sweater which will stand out in any crowd. The percentage of simplicity in this is same as the percentage of real fruits in those fruit juices.
We do have some real simple leaders in our political class for they don’t advertise their simplicity. Tripura CM Manik Sarkar for instance, has a very simple life-style. Major part of his salary goes to his party as levy. AK Antony of Congress party is well known for his simple life-style. Heera Lal Verma of BJP is another example. Defence Minister Manohar Parikar follows a simple life-style and even often wears a chappal to office ( Without socks and without making it look untidy & ugly, ofcourse). The problem with these brands of simplicity is, they are not well advertised and hence will find few takers.
Why do I belive AK brand of simplicity will stay for long? Because it has been around for so long. Nehru-Gandhi family has used it pretty well. Legends say it was Indira Gandhi who taught Sonia Gandhi how to wear a Saree to look a like “aam aurat”. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra who don groovy costumes when voters are not around will be in their commoner avatars before blaming “suit-boot ki sarkar” for everything. This has been around for a while. It’s just that like everything else, AK is taking it to ridiculous levels.After all, No publicity is bad publicity.


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