The nice guy, The bad guy, and some unrelated news

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcom X

Okay, Let’s meet the nice guy first.

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Yeah, maybe he is an ex-convict and a serial offender, but his neighborhood lady who hasn’t met him more than a couple of times thinks he is a nice guy.

Look, this guy had been to school and all.

Oh my God, am crying already.

Okay, let’s meet the bad guy now.

You may be wondering where Ramdev came from in this whole thing. I feel for you.

Who understands the Hindu fringe’s feelings better?

Ma nishada

1000 year old is a myth. 100 years old, heritage.

CM shouldn’t just go around banning things just because it’s illegal.

Can you believe that?

Just when you thought our animal love vanished right after the Jallikkattu. We support different animals in different states. We have a merit-based system for that too.

Enough of this negativity. Let’s read some totally unrelated news.

Is that enough?

Just because there is a law doesn’t give you the permission to enforce it. This guy doesn’t know how things work.

Fortunately, Bihar doesn’t have any pregnant lioness which eats only meat from illegal slaughterhouses. Also, not many eat kabab over there. Not at least till BJP wins election and forms Govt in the state.

One may feel it’s important to ask why half of UP’s slaughterhouse were illegal and how the state govt was ensuring the meat fed to people was healthy. But they should realize that those kababs were awesome even if it had a bit of anthrax on it.

The nice guy, The bad guy, and some unrelated news

Westminster attack: Why India should be worried

On Wednesday 22nd March 2017, a terrorist drove a vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and people standing near the palace gates before fatally stabbing an unarmed police officer. The attacker was shot dead by another officer. At least four people, including the attacker, confirmed dead. At least 40 people were injured. The police believe the attacker was inspired by “international terrorism”. So far, British Police arrested 7 people linked to the attack. The attack followed the same pattern of Nice and Berlin attacks. It’s becoming evident day by day that the lone-wolf attacks are the new norm.It’s easy to execute, not much planning or training required, highly cost effective, No need for movement of people or explosives. A kitchen knife to a heavy truck can be used for the attack. Operatives can be radicalized and trained online. Most of the time, it’s hard for the intelligence agencies to track them. Israel has been dealing with it for so long. Now, Europe has started feeling the heat. India is not completely unfamiliar with the concept. In 2015, A Maharashtra constable was stabbed by a youth to avenge ‘Beef Ban’. Indian intelligence agencies have continuously warned against possible lone-wolf attacks. In counter-terrorism, Indian elite special forces are on par with any of the world’s best forces. But when it comes to these kinds of attacks, Indian cops lack training and experience compared to their western counterparts in dealing with armed assailants. And being comparatively densely populated, it’s easy to mount such an attack in India. To make matters worse, Islamic State chief Baghdadi ordered his foreign fighters to go back to their native. It’s believed that at least 73 Indians had joined ISIS. Which means, highly trained and radicalized youths who are capable of spreading the ideology may anytime return back to India. And there are self-radicalized youths and groups who pledge their allegiance to the terrorist organization.  As these people usually won’t get in touch with ISIS or any other terrorist groups, they will mostly be out of the radar of intelligence agencies. Also, agencies cannot rule out the possibility of local terrorist organizations tying up with ISIS. For instance, Lashkar-e-Taiba has sleeper cells across India, mostly in states like UP, Kerala and, Tamil Nadu. They can be mobilized without compromising the identity of the handlers.  In coming months, intelligence and policing agencies have to do an uphill task of identifying and deradicalising such potential terrorists. Considering the political climate, they cannot afford to make any mistake. A wrong person getting arrested will negate all the good work they have done and a failure in picking up someone before an attack will end up in disaster.

Westminster attack: Why India should be worried

Death of Democracy & Secularism

The victory of BJP in UP by a massive margin is in fact, is the death of democracy. Maybe BJP is the only party which democratically elects their leaders while Congress and SP chose nepotism, and AAP fires those who raise their voice against the Supreme Leader. Maybe Communism is a totalitarian ideology which wants a single party system, against the basic idea of democracy. But that is not a good enough reason to treat BJP as a democratic party and vote them to power. And look at the voting pattern. People across the caste line have voted for them. Aren’t they supposed to be divided by caste line and vote the party which we say is “their” party? Even Muslims voted for BJP. Can you believe that? Shouldn’t they hate a party which is a “Hindu” Nationalist Party? All Muslims – Shia, Bohra, Ahmadiyya – shouldn’t be hating the same people as Sunnis? Aren’t they suppose to vote those who the Imams and Mullahs ask them to vote? Why are they deciding to think for themselves? Haven’t we taught everyone whom should they hate? This is the biggest blow to the Democracy the way we know.

And all this happened because the secular votes got divided. There is always this problem with Secular voters. Whenever they see the symbol of parties like MIM, they will get confused. On the other hand, the non-secular Hindu votes got consolidated. Dalits, Thakur, Brahmin, OBC – everyone voted for Communal BJP. That’s mainly because of the communal polarization tactics of the BJP. Look at the way they asked for equal treatment for Hindus as well. I mean asking for “Shamshan” just because Muslims are getting “Kabristan” is outright communal. Will secularism ever come back in this Country? People should realize that Modi is a communal leader who talks about “Uniform Civil Code” and “One Country One Rule” and not a secular leader like Rajiv Gandhi who diluted the judgment of  Shah Bano Begum case just to protect secular fabrics of this country.

Death of Democracy & Secularism

A Conspiracy against the Armed Forces

Major General (Retd)  Ian Cardozo, a 1971 war hero who lost his leg in the war and went on to become the first disabled officer to command an infantry battalion and then a Brigade, in an interview had detailed his conversation with a Pak Junior Commissioned Officer after they surrendered. He was a Major with 5 Gorkha Rifles back then.  He asked the JCO if he can give his men some blankets from the Pak Army store. When the JCO agreed, he asked politely if any blankets remain, can the JCO give it to the Indian officers. That was surprising for the Pak JCO. He asked if even the officers don’t have blankets. For that, the Major replied: “When the jawans do not have blankets, then how can the officers have them?”. The Pak JCO saluted young Major and said. “had we had officers like those in India, we would not have seen this day”. Indian Army takes extreme proud in the fact that it has one of the highest Officer to Jawan casualty ratio. It’s linked to the ethos of leading from the front. Lines written on the wall of IMA hall reads “The safety, honour and welfare of the country comes first, always and every time, the honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command comes next and your own ease, comfort and safety come last always and every time”. But recently, “exposes” and “stings” are doing rounds which paints a completely different picture of the Armed Forces. Initially, I was only worried about the disiplinary aspect of Jawans resorting to social media instead of using offfical channel. I knew the food & facilties for Indian Jawans were/are not world class. Am not a jingoist and I know there was and there corruption in the armed forces. I thought for some strange reason, Jawans became brave all of a sudden to go public. But the last sting which ended up in Lance Naik Roy Mathew’s suicide is forcing me to doubt a conspiracy. It was clear that the Jawan didn’t know he was talking to a reporter. Still there was no attempt to protect the identity of the soldier. It almost looked like somebody wanted a martyr and a rift and mistrust between commissioned and non-commissioned ranks in Indian Armed forces. There were many instances where arrested ISI agents revealed that their handlers had asked them if they can recruit anyone from the Army. We have seen during Kargil war also, how ISI used such mistrust among the soldiers to get potential recruits. Back then, the propaganda was to create mistrust amoung Nepali Soldiers in Indian Army. A timely inquiry in Lance Naik Roy Mathew’s unfortunate death is the need of the hour.

A Conspiracy against the Armed Forces

The curious case of Gurmehar Kaur & how Sehwag’s tweet saved ABVP from an ambush.

I have done my Diploma in Computer Engg: from a college dominated by Left-wing parties, so whenever I see them crying about freedom of expression, I actually laugh. I have seen one of my closest friends being threatened with violence just because he wanted to contest in an election. I have seen one of my Muslim friends getting beaten up because he decided to work in another student union than SFI. There were multiple incidents of Moral Policing by SFI, which is still happening in colleges in Kerala. I cannot even imagine what will happen if any of the victims hold a placard against SFI like Gurmehar did. One thing I learned in these years is fear and freedom of expression are mutually exclusive. And what’s happening in our campuses is nothing but the Left’s desperate attempt to defend their falling last fort.

To begin with, what ABVP did is extremely stupid. They shouldn’t have tried to stop the likes of Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid when they actually had an opertunity to expose them in Aligarh Muslim University issue. That issue actually had highlighted everything wrong with Indian left and those who are prettending to be left. Instead, ABVP chose the other option. This ended up in street fights between those who are supporting and opposing ABVP. Again, ABVP failed to highlight the violance faced by it’s members.  Enter Gurmehar Kaur. She posted against ABVP, may be expecting them to react harshly. As expected, she became a star within no time and accused ABVP members of threatening her with violance. That’s when Viru decided to troll her for her one year old post on war and Pakistan.The media attention and discussions which was expected to focus on ABVP “violance” was shifted to rights and wrongs of Viru’s tweet. This gave ABVP the much wanted time to get their act together. They filed a complaint against persons threatened Gurmehar, suspended it’s members involved in violance. Reports also surfaced that the one who threatened Gurmehar with rape was in fact a Left wing member.(Which is a tried and tested formula against the Sangh, by the way. In Rahul Pasupalan – Resmi Nair case in Kerala too, it was proven later that the abusive comments posted under Resmi Nair’s photos were from fake IDs created by Rahul pretending to be Sangh supporters). A few days later,  a video surfaced, claiming to be that of Gurmehar drinking and dancing in a car. Here too, ABVP successfully managed to  defend itself by denying it’s involvement in the issue.

The curious case of Gurmehar Kaur & how Sehwag’s tweet saved ABVP from an ambush.