The curious case of Gurmehar Kaur & how Sehwag’s tweet saved ABVP from an ambush.

I have done my Diploma in Computer Engg: from a college dominated by Left-wing parties, so whenever I see them crying about freedom of expression, I actually laugh. I have seen one of my closest friends being threatened with violence just because he wanted to contest in an election. I have seen one of my Muslim friends getting beaten up because he decided to work in another student union than SFI. There were multiple incidents of Moral Policing by SFI, which is still happening in colleges in Kerala. I cannot even imagine what will happen if any of the victims hold a placard against SFI like Gurmehar did. One thing I learned in these years is fear and freedom of expression are mutually exclusive. And what’s happening in our campuses is nothing but the Left’s desperate attempt to defend their falling last fort.

To begin with, what ABVP did is extremely stupid. They shouldn’t have tried to stop the likes of Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid when they actually had an opertunity to expose them in Aligarh Muslim University issue. That issue actually had highlighted everything wrong with Indian left and those who are prettending to be left. Instead, ABVP chose the other option. This ended up in street fights between those who are supporting and opposing ABVP. Again, ABVP failed to highlight the violance faced by it’s members.  Enter Gurmehar Kaur. She posted against ABVP, may be expecting them to react harshly. As expected, she became a star within no time and accused ABVP members of threatening her with violance. That’s when Viru decided to troll her for her one year old post on war and Pakistan.The media attention and discussions which was expected to focus on ABVP “violance” was shifted to rights and wrongs of Viru’s tweet. This gave ABVP the much wanted time to get their act together. They filed a complaint against persons threatened Gurmehar, suspended it’s members involved in violance. Reports also surfaced that the one who threatened Gurmehar with rape was in fact a Left wing member.(Which is a tried and tested formula against the Sangh, by the way. In Rahul Pasupalan – Resmi Nair case in Kerala too, it was proven later that the abusive comments posted under Resmi Nair’s photos were from fake IDs created by Rahul pretending to be Sangh supporters). A few days later,  a video surfaced, claiming to be that of Gurmehar drinking and dancing in a car. Here too, ABVP successfully managed to  defend itself by denying it’s involvement in the issue.


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