The nice guy, The bad guy, and some unrelated news

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcom X

Okay, Let’s meet the nice guy first.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 5.31.15 PM

Yeah, maybe he is an ex-convict and a serial offender, but his neighborhood lady who hasn’t met him more than a couple of times thinks he is a nice guy.

Look, this guy had been to school and all.

Oh my God, am crying already.

Okay, let’s meet the bad guy now.

You may be wondering where Ramdev came from in this whole thing. I feel for you.

Who understands the Hindu fringe’s feelings better?

Ma nishada

1000 year old is a myth. 100 years old, heritage.

CM shouldn’t just go around banning things just because it’s illegal.

Can you believe that?

Just when you thought our animal love vanished right after the Jallikkattu. We support different animals in different states. We have a merit-based system for that too.

Enough of this negativity. Let’s read some totally unrelated news.

Is that enough?

Just because there is a law doesn’t give you the permission to enforce it. This guy doesn’t know how things work.

Fortunately, Bihar doesn’t have any pregnant lioness which eats only meat from illegal slaughterhouses. Also, not many eat kabab over there. Not at least till BJP wins election and forms Govt in the state.

One may feel it’s important to ask why half of UP’s slaughterhouse were illegal and how the state govt was ensuring the meat fed to people was healthy. But they should realize that those kababs were awesome even if it had a bit of anthrax on it.

The nice guy, The bad guy, and some unrelated news

Death of Democracy & Secularism

The victory of BJP in UP by a massive margin is in fact, is the death of democracy. Maybe BJP is the only party which democratically elects their leaders while Congress and SP chose nepotism, and AAP fires those who raise their voice against the Supreme Leader. Maybe Communism is a totalitarian ideology which wants a single party system, against the basic idea of democracy. But that is not a good enough reason to treat BJP as a democratic party and vote them to power. And look at the voting pattern. People across the caste line have voted for them. Aren’t they supposed to be divided by caste line and vote the party which we say is “their” party? Even Muslims voted for BJP. Can you believe that? Shouldn’t they hate a party which is a “Hindu” Nationalist Party? All Muslims – Shia, Bohra, Ahmadiyya – shouldn’t be hating the same people as Sunnis? Aren’t they suppose to vote those who the Imams and Mullahs ask them to vote? Why are they deciding to think for themselves? Haven’t we taught everyone whom should they hate? This is the biggest blow to the Democracy the way we know.

And all this happened because the secular votes got divided. There is always this problem with Secular voters. Whenever they see the symbol of parties like MIM, they will get confused. On the other hand, the non-secular Hindu votes got consolidated. Dalits, Thakur, Brahmin, OBC – everyone voted for Communal BJP. That’s mainly because of the communal polarization tactics of the BJP. Look at the way they asked for equal treatment for Hindus as well. I mean asking for “Shamshan” just because Muslims are getting “Kabristan” is outright communal. Will secularism ever come back in this Country? People should realize that Modi is a communal leader who talks about “Uniform Civil Code” and “One Country One Rule” and not a secular leader like Rajiv Gandhi who diluted the judgment of  Shah Bano Begum case just to protect secular fabrics of this country.

Death of Democracy & Secularism